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BLOG: 14 July 2022 Commenting and Listening to the moral maze (Radio 4) this evening I became aware of worn out arguments about foetuses and babies, something I earlier had not been able to understand I was feeling in frustration of what was being said.

Such as, 

when does life begin?

a question which I now think flies in the face of biology as we seem to know it

Not only science, but with technology we produce art and digital movies about the process of conception and the moment of fusion and division with special effects and then seem to want to assess a time when it really happened. As if togetherness was not enough by way of some further control to be able to decide the time of efficacy as if it is Schroder’s car or moggy.

If you want to find out more about the at one ness of a pregnant woman then try visiting Birthlight or other pre natal yoga organisations for more information. 

Instead I am being repositioned in the argument from 

when is a fetus for real? 


Seeing only the circumstance of the human in a state of pregnancy, ie  

person in room looking peaky and a bit fat.

What is pregnancy? Who is involved? If it is the result of a violation then she needs customised additional resources both legal and financial, social help to make decisions and plans, to be able to take extra control of life and of the situation in the short medium and long term. This does not assume the need for a further violation on the whole person by bringing to an end her natural reaction to it which was to become what is humanly described as pregnant without prejudice of the act that led to it or the plan intended.

Some acts of violence or crime or disaster take a long time to be recovered from, sometimes the damage or consequences are permanent but when the end of that is reached and it is already too late in many respects and the outcome is evident, the healing process goes on. A choice or life has already been taken or lost. Then we would wish there still was a less than perfect situation if only the life remained or the damage could be reversed.

Mindfulness, quite a pregnant state and pregnancy is quite a mindful state. 

If we are worried about convenience then who is being disrupted and might result in a fresh challenge of over demanding people or  personal habits.

The debate happening gave voice to people talking on the broadcast as if to make all women and all men statistics and statistics at that who seemed be reproducing little more than body parts, this in relation to:-

    their rights to decide what to do, and 

    whose baby it is to either keep or lose      

Let’s be clear, 

Babies conceived in bad circumstances do not make bad humans by default or where would we be? 

In my newly reposition view I thought: 

And then we could acknowledge or appreciate a baby as a human event rather than many of these other sub human entities we hear about being nurtured and carried around in pregnancy.

It is easy for society to be opinionated about peoples’ children and for the community to take responsibility for other aspects of child rearing so probably this societal support is integral too when  the unplanned occurs. If it is such a disagreeable circumstance or choice then nature has it covered in terms of how many people want baling out.

Point: There might be a bigger burden on some areas or groups of people as a result of change in abortion law. They are not likely to be groups that will turn away from the opportunity or challenge. 

Approaching the changes taking place as a shift in our reality about our planet, our species and the role and interrelation with AI and algorithms and this is fore thought about what value or values we place on our own species.

I would personally like to think that if life saving techniques are being used that the people in that situation are already making major decisions and the process is much more fine tuned than we might appreciate, but yes that a mother of children for example might be somehow subject to a number of medical laws including how the medical care is applied and the risk management. We are told that it is very unlikely for some of the more dangerous situations to occur and might become less likely. I am not about to start feeling too sorry for the professional whose job it is when I have little experience of the type of situation that might occur and it must be a tool of the trade to know these procedures and how to negotiate them. With the technology we now use and have available, there are possibilities that can be assessed and determined, and we have left the arena to some extent.

It seems right to aim to save life and we are not being harmed by doing it. If there has been an assault then there needs to be counselling to make sure that the assault has ended. Has the criminal been sentenced or is still at large or undiscovered?

That cannot be used as a reason to blame or take another life, create another kind of invasion or to encourage someone not to heal. 

Isn’t this about what did happen, and now we are choosing this…

Is it about rightness and morality or about self care of our own humanity on this planet, it’s structure and it’s worth. In a theoretical situation I wonder whether lowering the number of abortions and making it increasingly illegal there will be a reduction in violence, genetic abnormalities and other mortalities and improved fertility, over time.


Link to: The Moral Maze BBC Radio 4

Birthlight can be contacted through their website